Located in Agnes Water and Town of 1770, on Queensland’s Discovery Coast. The Agnes Water Museum pays tribute to the region’s aboriginal and pioneering past and its unique martime history.

The museum’s collection was started by Arthur Jeffery in 1952. It was orginally located within the Agnes Water Caravan Park, alongside Tom & Beth’s family home, with Beth taking in visitors in Arthur’s absense.

The main building in the current location, was opened on 26th May 1990, to celebrate the Bicentennial in 1988. The additonal building from the Agnes Water Caravan Park was relocated alongside the new building.

Over the years the collection has grown, to include significant items such as a copy of Cook’s log, photos of plants found by botanists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander.

Charts drawn by Matthew Flinders, and other items relating to the maritime discoveries of the coast, the original telelescope from the first lighthouse on the Queensland Coast and many historic photographs.

The history of the Miriam Vale Shire, aboriginal artifacts and bark paintings, plus many more items of interest.

The Museum is administered by a non-profit volunteer organisation whose members are proud of the collection and the manner in which it is displayed. Visitors throughout Australia and overseas speak enthusiastically about their visit.


69 Springs Road, Agnes Water

(just up from the Police Station)