Maritime History Display

The museum is divided into three main areas. The displays in the first area are concentrated on the regions rich maritime history. Lieutenant James Cook and the Endeavour landed for the second time on Australian soil at Town of 1770 on the 23rd May 1770 less than a month after landing for the first time on Australian shores at Botany Bay.

This area has informative displays that include copies of Cooks personal journal, his charts of the area , some of the crews journals.  Cooks secret instructions. Model of the Endeavour.  Photographic display of plants found by Banks and Solander. Further displays in this area include charts drawn by Matthew Flinders on his journey of discovery of Australia.  Marine charts detailing the ship wrecks which have occurred in the region.  These are just some of the interesting items visitors will find in the maritime area of the museum.



Pioneer Display

The second area is dedicated to the settlers of Discovery Coast and exhibits many photographs and memorabilia from past and present residents of the different regions. Miriam Vale, Bororen, Turkey Beach, Rosedale, Baffle Creek, Agnes Water, Town of 1770 and the History of the now defunct Miriam Vale Shire.

Agnes Water’s first settlers, Daniel and Rachel Clowes settled in Agnes Water in 1878 to run a cattle farm in the area.  Daniel and Rachel are buried in Tom Jeffery Memorial Park under the shade of the Moreton Bay fig tree.



Historical Items Display

Our third area is a display of household necessities and tool from the past. Housed in the Original Museum,

a timber shack connected to the present Museum. The collection contains such items as cane prams, strollers,

hand worked washing machine, iron wood stove, gas fridge, the original petrol pump form Agnes Water, sporting equipment, telephones from yesteryear, plus many more items of interest.